Do you like technology, sport or geology? Discover three brand new collections in Europeana aggregated via Museu-Hub !

MUSEU is proud to announce that three new digital collections of the German aggregator are now available in Europeana.

Do you like fossils and minerals? Have a look to the collection of the Geomuseum in Münster. You're interested by sport you may enjoy the posters and memorabilia of the Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum in Köln. Are you a maker? Be inspired by the thousands ofobjects of the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin!
Poster from the VI. Winter Paralympics 1994 in Lillehammer with mascot, designed by Tor Lindrupsen named after the ski pioneer Sondre Norheim. CC BY-NC-SA (German Sports & Olympic Museum)

Eurobarometer 2018

11 December 2017

Coinciding with the launch of the year, a new edition of the Eurobarometer was released at the European Culture Forum 2017. The publication assess the attitudes and opinions of Europeans about cultural heritage, investigating their personal involvement, interest, and the perceived importance and values they attach to Europe’s cultural heritage. It also looks into the impact of cultural heritage on tourism and jobs, accessibility, and responsibilities for its protection in Europe. The results help us understand the opinions and attitudes of Europeans so that we can promote our collective cultural experience. 

MCA participates in the Europeana Standardizing Training Workshops Task Force

12 December 2017

MCA, as many Aggregators and expert hubs who belong to the Aggregator Forum hold the role of knowledge transfer and training towards the cultural heritage institutions (CHIs) in their networks. Several CHIs are already making their collections available online, and those that do this openly can benefit from a very wide range of opportunities, but many are cautious. Expert Hubs, National and Domain Aggregators can help create the understanding of the risks and benefits of opening up data and how to actually go about opening up. Through workshops, Europeana and its partners can offer information, advice and support to the cultural heritage sector and to improve the quality of the data made available online.